Live scribing

AKA graphic recording. Capturing your event, meeting or session in visuals that feed back into the conversation. Key concepts and ideas connect in large scale on the board, as participants watch the process unfold. See examples here.

Redemoinho Illustration

video scribing

Get your message across in a clear and concise way. We partner with clients and stakeholders to create one-of-a-kind illustrated videos. Check out some examples here.

Digital Scribing Mexico City


Live scribing using an iPad Pro with projection on one or more large screens. Participants see what is being created in real time and the visual capture is easy to share during and after the event.

Visual Practice Workshop Training Mexico City


Interested in learning to scribe? Embedding some of the practices of visual thinking into your work? You can practice cross-functional skills like listening and synthesis, and add new frameworks to your toolbox.


Workshop facilitation

We can help design and facilitate engaging workshops to make the most of group creativity and collaboration. Methods include systems mapping, World Café, Open Space and improv. Take a look at an example here.